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About Goodness Grows in Austin

Goodness Gorws in AustinHow would you describe your dream garden? Would you choose a lush secluded spot to sit and relax or would you see an open colorful environment where children and pets run and play? Do you imagine a tropical poolscape vibrant with flowers or would you choose a habitat for birds and butterflies featuring native plants? A well designed landscape should not only compliment your home, but also realize those dreams.

In Austin we are blessed with a long growing season and the potential for year round beauty in our gardens. Although plant selections are important to success, and watering practices are critical, we have a unique opportunity to create outdoor garden rooms that expand our living spaces. Our variable weather conditions challenge our gardening skills but the results of our efforts are that much more rewarding. There is nothing to compare with your son’s first home grown tomato or your hand picked bouquet of zinnias grown from seeds you planted. There is no serenity more profound than can be found in your own backyard. I think Dorothy was right, “There is no place like home.”

Selecting plants for your garden can be difficult in Central Texas. You can waste a lot of time and money practicing what I call “take out gardening.” You go to a local garden center, grab a wagon and collect an assortment of unknown plants. You take them out and set them in your garden expecting they will stay the same size and bloom continually. Probably not. You need a good bit of knowledge and experience to select plants that will thrive and grow to their mature size.About Goodness Grows in Austin

Installing plants in our landscapes is not easy either. Jackhammers and a rock bars are basic gardening tools here. Caliche and solid rock are found most often where we expect the topsoil should be. Considerable effort and care must go into proper planting or your new plants don’t stand a chance.

To move beyond the builder basic landscape you need more than a good plan and correctly installed plants. You need a landscape designer who understands your needs and has the vision to create the garden of your dreams. I founded Goodness Grows In Austin to help homeowners and businesses create beautiful and sustainable landscapes that will reflect their personal styles. Together we can build outdoor environments that are an extension of your home and will represent to your friends and neighbors an appreciation for where we live.

Many years ago when I lived in Houston, I thought Austin was a green heaven somewhere beyond Brenham. I was right. We are all so fortunate to live in the Texas Hill Country. So look up, get out there and remember, goodness really does grow in Austin.

Heather McLean
owner Goodness Grows In Austin